*Responsive website design*
*We Speak NO geek*

Is your site in a ‘Static’ box? Did the designer target a specific resolution? Do you have lots of space on either side of the content?
Our design methodology:

  • Responsive:
  • Fluid Grid
  • Flexible Content
  • Media Queries
  • Dynamic:
  • Information Change
  • Client-side Scripting
  • Resizeable Images
  • Mobile First:
  • Graceful JavaScript
  • Detect User-Agent
  • Device Orientation

Google now is saying that more than 50% of Internet users are surfing on mobile devices. Most are using cell phones in portrait mode and are not willing to scroll left/right. We are all used to scrolling up/down as that is how we learned. Heaven forbid we need to learn something new.

Oh, and there is some Geek here as there may be new stuff for you to learn and we need to be on the same page. We do try to talk in English with you during the design process; although at times.....